Business Partnership



株式会社N.ジェンは Next 次世代へと続いていく・ New 新しい「かたち」を・ Net ネットワーク社会に提供します

株式会社N.ジェン 相談役 中山宗之 N.Gen was founded 11 years ago to deliver "New" paradigm to the "Networked" society as a bridge to the "Next" generation. Based on our initial solution offerings around infrastructure design and implementation, we have evolved to deliver a comprehensive set of solutions including application development, operations support and package software solutions like WAZA Series and gescha.
We have direct business deals with Japan's leading System Integration vendors, including Unidex, NS Solutions, TIS and KDDI. These relationships allow us to work in project team environment directly for the end users.
We believe that teamwork is of critical importance when working in a partnership project. beyond a simple staffing relationship. By working as partners of the same team, we can work mutually to attain higher level of quality and competency .
We ask everyone that we partner with to share in this value and to participate in challenging projects with us.

N.GeN Senior Adviser, Muneyuki Nakayama



- Many direct deals with large System Integration vendors and our SEs control many of of these projects.
- We have over 10 years of history with financial stability and credit worthiness.
- We have many direct businesses with large end user clients, including IT department outsourcing work.
- Most of our on-site development work is handled as a team, so a new recruit can work alongside more skilled and experienced engineers.
- We have approximately 100 engineers, including staff from our partners, who work on many SE service projects.